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Darshini Cultural Assocoation believes in participation of all irrespective of caste, religion & Creed.

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A Group of people who are here in Hyderabad for professional regions from other regions.


We have Engineers, Musicians, entrepreneurs , authors, actors working with us.


Management People from IT Services, Financial, Manufacturing, White Goods Industries.


40-50% of our members are expats and settled in Hyderabad. The rest are students and families who have just shifted to Hyderabad or are continuously travelling but associated with our association from different regions

Age Groups

Most of our members are ranging between 20 – 60 yrs.



As Darshini Cultural association is a small baby and the vision is to be grown and become a well-known name in Hyderabad organizing events in different cultural activities. The association will at trace the expatriate young brigade of people wo used to feel terribly homesick during the festival, but their on – the – job commitments used to keep them back. Darshini Cultural Association endeavours to provide a slice of home away from home during the festivities.

All the cultural programmes and festivals are carried us in the most traditional way.

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